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Category: Religion

  1. Gender And Power in African Religions: The Case of Dona Beatriz Kimpa Vita

    Gender has played an integral role in understanding and (mis)understanding African religion, in particular the case of the Antonian Movement. Dona Beatriz Kimpa Vita (1684-1706), a rather obscured African historical figure, claimed in 1704 to have been visited and then reincarnated as St Anthony of Padua during a nearly fatal fever. Quickly gaining a following, Dona Beatriz led what has become known as the Antonian Movement.[1] The aims of the movement were for the reunification of the Kingdom, as well as more general religious changes such as indigenising Christianity to Kongo, introducing new prayers (the Salve Antoniana) and encouraging the…

  2. Sin and Christianity

    As the very name entails, Christmas is, for many, a time synonymous with the story of Jesus Christ. As the carols and sermons echoing in the Cathedral declare, we are encouraged to think of the Nativity, the occasion when God came to earth and Jesus Christ was born. According to Scripture, the birth of Jesus was the moment God became tangible, wrought in flesh and blood, a symbol of God’s love for mankind.   Christianity displays itself as a positive religion, one of hope, peace and redemption, encouraging kindness and grace between all people. God is presented as a compassionate…