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  1. ‘In Obama We Trust’?

    A wise woman once remarked of Barack Obama, ‘how’s that hopey-changey stuff workin’ out for ya?’ While this quotation derives, unfortunately, from Sarah Palin, it does quite pertinently satirise Obama’s struggle to build upon his expansive campaign rhetoric of 2008; ‘Yes We Can’ has become the rather less catchy ‘Yes We Could Have Done If The Republicans Offered Us Some Measure of Bipartisan Support’. By consequence, the Obama campaign of 2012 has failed to capture hearts and minds in quite the same way. Luckily for Barack, the Mitt Romney gaffe-machine was firing on all cylinders, producing gems such as this: There are…

  2. What Foreign Policy?

    Being President of the United States of America is not a simple task. There are a plethora of different roles to be filled, from the responsibility of leading the most powerful nation in the world to the small problem of trying to convince the majority of a very large, and divided, population to vote for you in four years’ time. The President and Vice-President are the only nationally elected positions in the US and this is one of the reasons why the President has far greater freedom in foreign policy than domestically. The President is Head of State, Commander in Chief and has…

  3. Is the US a democracy or a mockery?

    The United States of America was born from the slogan ‘no taxation without representation’. In order to achieve representation the public voice needs to be heard. This is realised through elections based on popular votes. The extensive use of opinion polls would give the impression that every vote counts; sadly this is not the case. It is my belief that the US presidential election is an inherently flawed and undemocratic process. This centres on the use of the Electoral College. What many people do not realise is that the votes cast on Election Day do not elect the president. They are counted and the result passed to…

  4. The Presidential Election 2012

    Hear what Butler has to say on the election as it happens. Link to a Live Commentary on the Presidential Election, straight from the sofas of Butler Bar: >>>Election Live<<< What do YOU think about the election? Who are you hoping will become America’s next President? How does the election look right now? Have a look at the Huffinton Post’s electoral map: Missed the run up to the election? Here are some videos that give you a sense of the process, and an insight into some of the Presidential candidates’ key messages: Obama: Romney: