The Butler Scholarly Journal

Category: World Issues

  1. Longing for “Home”: A Critical View of Asylum Seekers.

    “I long for home, long for the sight of home.” – The Odyssey, Homer At the core of our collective imaginary, lays the image of the exile and their transformative journey in search of a place that can offer some type of emotional and spiritual stability; a place we call, often not sure of what we mean, “home”. Whether it be Odysseus battling against the inclement Aegean Sea or Moses leading his people across the never-ending Sinai, our culture appears to be obsessed with the expatriate, that person who inhabits the “liminal”, who is neither here nor there. Forced migration…

  2. Why Fairtrade is Green

    In my brief time as Butler’s Environment Rep, there have been several questions that keep cropping up as to how the College manages its commitment to green issues. ‘Why are there no compost bins in flats?’, ‘Can we get bees?’ and ‘What is Funny Jumper Friday?’ being just three of them. But one thing that I keep getting asked is ‘Why do Green Comm. support Fairtrade?’ From the outset, this seems like a fairly logical question. Take the wine at one of our Fairtrade Cheese & Wine evenings, for example: is it right for us to promote Fairtrade wines when…