The Butler Scholarly Journal


  1. For Henryk

    What have those watery globes in industrial goggles seen?Frozen lakes, dance halls, unexpectedGoodbyes, I’m sure. Locked vaults of anaesthetic and no Combination. You’ve trapped me in those unbroken Codes. I know you want to forget,But every mispronunciation Reminds me of what I’m lacking. A name with no recollection;A name with no language. You’re no angel […]

  2. oh, to be a rose upon your cheek!

    I have a memory of you, one that can never be corrupted by the passage of time. It was in a garden in June.   There you lay in this expanse of green, this garden of ours. You had collapsed by a rose bush, the blushing petals of one low- lying flower rested upon your […]

  3. The Questioning Closet

    “It’s locked.” “No it’s not.” “I’m telling you it is!” “Let me try.” I stand, brush past her purposely, take the yellow door handle with both of my deceptively strong arms and pull. Yank. Pathetically lurch and heave. It’s locked. “Shit.” “I told you.” I hate that she can say that, “Is this a joke? […]

  4. Should memorials last for time immemorial? No, and when they should end.

    We are past the poppy. Remembrance Day, in so far as it looks to commemorate the soldiers of the First and Second World War, is no longer important to British society. Its value as an act of Remembrance is exhausted. Yet, each year, we pay homage to its badly-framed discourse, strangulated by its centennial tentacles […]

  5. Bob Marley: Natural Mystic, Smiling Jamaican, and Third World Superstar

    “There will come a day when music and its philosophy will become the religion of humanity…If there remains any magic it is music.” –Robert Nesta Marley, 1979   Bob Marley’s sound is a timeless marvel. His hypnotic voice accompanied by rhythmic melodies and soothing harmonies is somehow hard-hitting and relaxing at the same time. Not […]

  6. Is a fed bear really a dead bear?

    Is a Fed Bear Really a Dead Bear? For years, around 300 million visitors to the National Parks of the United States are repeatedly told to not feed the wildlife. For years, around 300 million visitors to the National Parks of the United States are repeatedly tempted to offer White-tailed Deer and Black Bears alike […]

  7. Bob Dylan-Voice of his Generation and Late-Modernist Alien

    Although Bob Dylan is more often discussed as a musician, as the ‘song and dance man’ he once described himself as [1], his 2016 Nobel Prize Award draws attention to the literary qualities of his work. From the first publishing of his complete lyrics in The Lyrics 1961-2012 in 2016 to Christopher Ricks’ colossal book […]

  8. Silence, Speechlessness, and Freedom in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter.

    Nathaniel Hawthorne’s  The Scarlet Letter (1850) is a portrait of life in 17th Century Puritan New England. This follows Hester Prynne, who has borne a child through an affair, and explores her struggle to find peace and freedom despite the hardships she faces as a result of Puritan law and expectations. ‘Silence and speechlessness’ is […]

  9. Corbyn’s Pragmatic Populism

    “Comrade Corbyn. Loony lefty. Bearded Trot.” The British right-wing press routinely depicts Jeremy Corbyn as someone who will establish a Marxist administration over the United Kingdom should he become Prime Minister (Cammaerts et al 2016: 9). An outlier in the Labour Party for many years following his election to parliament in 1983, few predicted his […]