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  1. ‘On being sane in insane places’

    In 1973, psychologist David Rosenhan published a paper documenting a study that was to radically change perceptions of the diagnosis of mental illness.  The study, named “On Being Sane in Insane Places”, recorded the experiences of eight clinically sane participants, who gained entry to psychiatric hospitals by reporting that they had been hearing a voice […]

  2. Writing ‘Heroic workers and angry young men’ -Seminar

    On Wednesday 21st November, Dr Steph Lawler (Newcastle University) will be coming to Butler to speak about her work on nostalgia in relation to perceptions of class and gender as part of the joint Butler-Ustinov seminar series focusing on biographical research. Here she writes for the BSJ about why the subject interests her and how her […]

  3. The end of Berlusconi?

    The enduring popularity and success of Silvio Berlusconi has often seemed inexplicable from the other side of Europe, given his frequent problems with the law and penchant for affairs with girls a quarter of his age, but here in Italy there remains a significant proportion of the population entertained enough by his antics to support […]

  4. Dragons on Mars

    On May 25th of this year, one of the most significant milestones of the space age was achieved. An unmanned spacecraft, Dragon, docked with the International Space Station: the first commercial vehicle to do so. Dragon is a transportation space craft, designed and built by the private organisation SpaceX, which has been collaborating with NASA since […]

  5. Finding a “New Earth”

    A new “Super-Earth” has just been discovered orbiting a dwarf star in our galaxy only 42 light years away. Although this sounds like a huge distance, when compared to the size of our galaxy it is not that far at all. The planet HD40307g is one of 3 new planets found to be orbiting the […]

  6. Why is Mathematics important?

    Firstly, let me clarify what is meant by Mathematics. It isn’t the addition and subtraction that we use every day to work out how much money we’re spending at Tesco – that’s arithmetic and we can all understand how that is important. This article will focus on high level mathematics – really abstract weird stuff – and […]

  7. What does Ireland remember?

    Recent British and Irish headlines read “Irish politician Frank Feighan wears Poppy in Dáil.” “Taoiseach Enda Kenny in Enniskillen remembrance tribute” and “McClean refuses to wear poppy on eve of Remembrance Sunday as Sunderland suffer defeat.” The significance of these headlines cannot be underestimated. This was the first time a remembrance poppy has been seen […]

  8. Why Romney lost the election

    Despite the economic downturn, high unemployment and low presidential approval ratings, Mitt Romney and his Republicans were unable to secure an election victory or regain control of the Senate. Whilst exit polls indicate that voters viewed that Obama as “more for the middle class”, with Romney tilting to the interests of the rich, many Republicans […]


    Hear what Taha Abrar has to say on the election as it happens. Link to a Live Commentary on the Presidential Election, straight from the sofas of Butler Bar: >>>Election Live<<< Election Commentary 4pm-5am Tuesday November 6, 2012 4:03 BSJ: Hello and welcome to the Josephine Butler Scholarly Journal’s US Presidential Election Blog! Ever since Rick Santorum’s […]

  10. Why all the excitement?

    In the 1960 US presidential election the main theme of John F. Kennedy’s campaign was ‘a time for greatness’. Arguably during that period the US was at its most powerful; it had yet to set foot in the jungles of Vietnam for a start. But the election this year, along with being highly negative, has […]