The Butler Scholarly Journal


  1. Is Poverty Sexist?

    A new and insidious trend in global poverty has developed, as the burden of destitutions is becoming increasingly gendered. This phenomenon, known as the ‘feminisation of poverty’, is characterised by the disproportionate representation of women amongst the world’s poor and is rapidly intensifying. In spite of the United Nations’ pledge to ensure children of both […]

  2. Repealing the Eighth: Ireland, Gender Stereotypes, and Abortion Law

    Ireland is to have a referendum on repealing the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution, which recognises the right to life of the unborn as equal to that of the pregnant person.[1] Ireland has one of the most restrictive abortion laws in Europe, permitting abortion to be carried out only where the pregnant person’s life is […]

  3. Queering Healthy Eating

    Challenges to assumptions about what it means to be ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’ are commendable, but usually rely on an understanding of sex as the fixed, biological basis upon which flexible, sociological ‘gender’ is constructed. Judith Butler asks us to question this understanding. She writes that “gender must also designate the very apparatus of production whereby […]

  4. Sin and Christianity

    As the very name entails, Christmas is, for many, a time synonymous with the story of Jesus Christ. As the carols and sermons echoing in the Cathedral declare, we are encouraged to think of the Nativity, the occasion when God came to earth and Jesus Christ was born. According to Scripture, the birth of Jesus […]

  5. Myanmar and the Political Culture of Silence

    Since August 2017, the international community has issued tentatively scornful denunciations of the Myanmar government and its “crackdown” on the Rohingya people, a Muslim minority that has resided in the country for generations. One month later, and with over 600,000 of the one million Rohingyan population displaced by Burmese military forces, government officials and heads […]

  6. Reform of Image-Based Sexual Abuse (IBSA): Offence of ‘Upskirting’

    Abstract: Upskirting is a form of IBSA which constitutes a fundamental breach of women’s rights to privacy, dignity and sexual expression. This article supports the introduction of a new offence criminalising ‘upskirting’ and ‘downblousing’ as a form of ‘Image-Based Sexual Abuse’[1] under the Sexual Offences Act (SOA), as the act of creating and/or distributing a […]

  7. Tea and Baba Ghanoush: the LAF, Hezbollah and Lebanese National Memory

    The overspill of fighting through the porous Syria-Lebanon border is regarded by Washington as a red line in the escalation of regional hostilities. Its chosen strategy to address this concern involves bolstering the capabilities of the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF), and promoting the institution as Lebanon’s sole legitimate security force. As such, even as the […]

  8. Talk with a Holocaust Survivor: Janine Webber

    During Epiphany term, Polish-born holocaust survivor Janine Webber, 84, shared her incredible testimony with Durham University staff and students, as well as members of the local community, at Josephine Butler College. The event will go down as one of the best attended and most successful talks in the college’s history. Around 140 people were in […]

  9. The Plague: Is it still a threat in 2017?

    Nuclear warfare, climate change and…another bout of Black Death? Although listing the plague alongside other present-day threats to humanity sounds ridiculous, the threat of this medieval disease is still very real. In fact, it has recently been reported that fleas in Arizona have tested positive to plague bacteria and that a public health warning has […]