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Category: Expeditions

  1. Philippines Expedition: Coral Reefs

    Covering less than 0.1% of the surface of the oceans, but supporting over a quarter of all marine life, coral reefs are some of the most biologically diverse areas on our planet. If you ever have the privilege to dive on a coral reef you will see the incredible diversity of animals, a multitude of incredibly inventive adaptions and so many symbiotic relationships you get the impression of a perfectly designed and incredibly intricate jigsaw. Coral reefs are so much more than a haven for divers and biologists: they are not self-contained ecosystems but support larger fish that are part…

  2. Romania Expedition: The changing experiences of children in state care in the Harghita region of Romania

    Before I began my DUCK expedition to Romania last summer, I watched a number of documentaries and read numerous articles that aimed to portray the plight of Romanian children in state care. These programmes and articles painted the image of social excluded children who were malnourished, mistreated and hidden away from the rest of society. Heart-wrenching images of hollow eyed children confined to cots and unable to walk or talk by the age of five which demonstrated the true devastation of institutionalisation. Romania’s orphanage crisis is considered to be the product of Nicolae Ceausescu’s communist regime; film maker Florian Lepan…